Spring barley

Spring barley is an important food, fodder and industrial crop. Pearl and fine ground barley and flour are made of its grains. Barley flour, if necessary, can be mixed with rye or wheat in amounts of 20-25%.The average barley grain contains 12% of protein, 5.5% of fiber, 64.6 % of nitrogen-free extractives, 2,1% of fat, 13% of water and 2.8% of ashes.

Spring barley is used for fattening pigs, and in the southern parts of the country where the oat is not cultivated for feeding horses (1 kg of grain contains 1,2 feed of unit). This crop provides the raw materials for brewing and spirit distillation. The preparation of malt requires distichous barley with large flattened grains with low husk content (8-10%) and high germinating energy (95% on the 4th day of germination).