Fuel pellets

Fuel pellets (pellets) are modern and efficient fuel for solid fuel boilers. They have become one of the most popular fuels lately due to their compactness, efficiency and combustion characteristics. The calorific value of pellets is rather comparable to traditional fuels.

Sunflower husks pellets

Sunflower husks pellets are the compressed cylindrical pellets mostly 10-30 mm long and about 6-10mm in diameter.

Calorific value of pellets is sufficiently high, since they are dry and have a high density. Combustion of two kilograms of the pellets equals to the combustion of one liter of liquid fuel.


• High energy concentration: calorific value of pellets is 4.3-4.5 kW-kg. This can be compared to coal and it is 1.6 times higher than that of wood. If combusted, 1000kg of husk pellets release as much heat energy as it does the combustion of 685 liters of fuel oil, 500 liters of diesel fuel, 479 cubic meters of natural gas and 1600 kg of timber.
• Fuel pellets are very safe and environment friendly. If combusted they release the same amount of CO2 as the natural decomposition of biomass used for its production does.
• Furnace design features allow automating the process of combustion.
• Relatively low price in comparison with coal, furnace oil and gas.